16 Aug 2016

Right, then! It's gonna be dogs.

This week, trying my hand at twenty-minute sketches of doggies. After the twenty mins. is up, i don't allow myself to go on and correct/finish/start over - as you can see by this first one. (and no, it's supposed to be a saluki, NOT a manatee.... )


  1. Right, then! Left and
    Gone to the dogs.
    Under above and
    Better 'n frogs.
    Arf-arf laugh I
    With a barking bark,
    Not from a tree,
    But as a lark.
    Birds and dogs and
    Odd old friends
    Weave a tapestry
    As all blends.
    What's the goal
    Where goals are done?
    Plodding forward
    'Til things are done.

  2. Rhyming done with done
    Is not quite Donne,
    But an early-morning error
    With which I'm done....
    First cuppa's not done,
    So rhyming done with done
    Is an unforced error.
    What rhymes with done?