23 Jul 2017


My father died today

22 Jul 2017


My Dad, now 93 and in a nursing home 13,000 miles away - refusing food and drink and meds... on a morphine pump. And I'm not there. I am so sad.

19 Jul 2017

is it a boid?...

This is before tidying up in photoshop... I'm trying to use each following page in this book as a brush cleaning sheet, so i'm never faced with a blank page!

16 Jul 2017


waste paper

So,  I use a sheet of A4 paper to clean excess paint from my brushes when i watercolour.  then i do quick couple minute sketches over that so as not to waste paint.  it keeps my hands moving...

aaahhh...if only her eyes weren't looking in different directions!...

28 Jun 2017

A6 'zine' - front and back

Physiotherapy for the fingers - must keep my hands.

This i how I actually painted it...

19 Jun 2017

12 Jun 2017

You hav to go with what you have

...and if what you have is an hour mucking about in photoshop, then Hoo-rah.

9 Jun 2017

2 Sep 2016

coo !

London's full of 'em... they benefit from a wee bit of digital wizardry...cough...(at least I'm honest!)

16 Aug 2016

Right, then! It's gonna be dogs.

This week, trying my hand at twenty-minute sketches of doggies. After the twenty mins. is up, i don't allow myself to go on and correct/finish/start over - as you can see by this first one. (and no, it's supposed to be a saluki, NOT a manatee.... )

15 Aug 2016

5 Aug 2016

10 boids in 14 dazes - #10

Good morning Mr Magpie and how is your lady wife today?

4 Aug 2016