29 Aug 2012

22 Aug 2012

honest guv! I 'aven't been on the turps (hic) or anyfink

(West of the Pacific,do they know what 'turps' is???...)

19 Aug 2012

17 Aug 2012

colourful' s not the word...

(get it?)

(Tch! I'm a child today!)

8 Aug 2012

6 Aug 2012

seven days of secret thoughts - 2

Eye-gr, eye-gr, burning bright...

2 Aug 2012

Hah! Illustrator, schmillustrator!!

What a load of old BOGEYS!!

1 Aug 2012

...with a 'Hey' and a 'Ho' and a Hey, Nonny! NO!

MOP! (do something with that, clever pants!)