31 Jan 2013

29 Jan 2013

More convolutions

and on that theme...

I  like the articulated, metallic, sci-fi-ishness of this.

28 Jan 2013

Sectioned! (oh, very punny!)

Past. Away.

My friend Linda died yesterday, 27.1.13
Bye Linikins, mate...

27 Jan 2013


A bit sinister, eh?

25 Jan 2013

Must. Practice. More.

Because I'm unhappy with the watercolour attempts at faces, I tend to use a digital filter, which at least gives them a kind of quirky style...  ho hum.

21 Jan 2013

Meet Antlerny... (get it?)

(I know.  It sounds like a speech impediment......)

20 Jan 2013

Oh sno!

Stayed in and watched snow falling all day right in central London - an unusual thing indeed!  Bright reflected light in the house - so enamoured of it, I forgot to draw - hence: a  bit of fiddling with a photo I took of Kip watching the snow from a place of safety: INSIDE!

(obviously I don't get out much!...)

19 Jan 2013

Buy one, get one free!

Poet Pam Ayers, one of my favourite rhymers, had this to say:

They have eaten poor old Dobbin who was grazing by the sea,
They made him into Tesco burgers; buy one, get one free.

17 Jan 2013

16 Jan 2013

the upside to having hands that won't...

... is that you get to maintain a great manicure!

15 Jan 2013

some days your hands won't...

...so your feet have to step in (cough).

14 Jan 2013

Mmmmmm! Dishy!

(now; I've given you that one....)

( Bleagh!  Nasty paper and paints! Should take my own advice!)

11 Jan 2013



Don 't be tempted to use cheap quality supplies to make your artwork or journal pages. Cheap pigments will ALWAYS disappoint you in the long run as far as lightfastness is concerned.    They will frustrate you and rob you of the excitement of using something that feels rich and full of potential.  Use the very best you can afford, even if it means a palette of only two or  three colours.  And don't sit on all those 'saving for best' pencils, brushes, paints and papers.  Use them NOW!  Fall in love with your work - treat it to your best things.

( I am feeling the rue of buying a set of 'student' quality watercolours to augment my Winsor & Newton Artists quality pans.  They are passable 'Cotman' colours - also by Winsor and Newton, but to me, the difference is lightyears of separation in terms of coverage and quality)

Here endeth the rant...er... LESSON.

(we all want to be lightfast!)

10 Jan 2013

Pretty kitty

In lieu of something new... (cos I had a bizzzzzy day!)

7 Jan 2013

Have you heard about the bird?

A bit of a lazy reworking today...

5 Jan 2013


(A prettier thing than my day...)

4 Jan 2013