1 Jan 2013

as promised...

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  1. Petals in ochre and blues and greens,
    Of mauve, sand and lilac hues
    Blossom to bursting in fireworks sheens!
    Or is it the New Year's booze?

    Twos rotate roundly and soundly about
    A ring like a zeros-go-round,
    And the ones and the threes? They damn near shout!
    After last night, I just need a snooze.

    Happy Hum-bah-bug New Year
    To a real lady, a gal and a pip,
    Whose bearing and humorous oddball cheer
    Are more intoxicating than yet one more nip.

    Two thousand and thirteen now total up
    To a number that flies, fleeting by,
    And when I am finally fully sober -- hiccup --
    I'll again Happy New Year reply!

    -- A nonny mouse