14 Jan 2013

Mmmmmm! Dishy!

(now; I've given you that one....)

( Bleagh!  Nasty paper and paints! Should take my own advice!)

1 comment:

  1. Grouper in a class of her own,
    For bright with scales she's shown
    And puddles and ponds outgrown
    To the world in many ways she's known.

    Grouper fishes not for praise
    In all the cheap and tawdry ways.
    Rather she works and then displays
    Using diamond-dainty sobriquets.

    Jewels from Jules, she kids us not,
    Are freely given, and yet uncaught.
    By hook, line and singer (not sinker, wot!)
    She's our swimmingly dry land oceanaut.

    -- A nonny mouse dives right in.