7 Jan 2013

Have you heard about the bird?

A bit of a lazy reworking today...

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  1. Have you heard about the bird,
    Black and white, like word with word?
    This bird is oh so not a cat,
    And so no furry purr is heard.

    Its feathery feathers' details fade
    And so the bird is a birdie blurred.
    But if it were a bird-like cat,
    Perhaps this bird might have purred?

    Looking for too long a while,
    One notes so cheep, it has not stirred.
    If there many and more many such
    It would be a flock and not a herd.

    And if it were that felined cat,
    Its feathers would be meow furred.
    One could carry on in this and that.
    Such a have you heard about the bird...

    That with the mouse went into a bar?
    But this rhyme takes me just too far....

    -- A nonny mouse