8 Dec 2010

12 Oct 2010

This little poem has always tickled me!!!...

11 Oct 2010

18 Jul 2010

The libertine...

A few character sketches...

17 May 2010

10 May 2010

well...if it's not David Cameron....

...and it's not Gordon Brown... then it must be:

3 May 2010

yeah, yeah...

...I know I said 'digital' for May- but I just wanted to share the love!!!!

2 May 2010

1 May 2010

22 Apr 2010

Something for someone else ...

... to mark the end of my first half-century!!

My friend's daughter is turning eight on Friday and some of her  friends are stuck on the continent beacuse of the  ash from the Icelandic volcano and won't be back in time for her birthday.  So my friend is writing a tiny birthday book for her daughter all about the birthday that was affected by the eruption and the ash etc etc... I said I would do two quickie-cartoony-things for her to stick into the book - so these are going in the mail tomorrow, drawn on the same paper and size of page -  that way she can stick them into the book before she gives it to her daughter.  A bit of a rush job really, but fun... and that's what I did on my 50th birthday!  Ta Da!

11 Apr 2010

More from the British Museum... (IFJM)

Text reads: 

Oh-oh!  Just woke up to find out that I've been asleep for 8 days!! (post-hibernation problem!!) Tomorrow, going to ask Crow to fly me up to the roof.

3 Apr 2010

More fakery for April... (IFJM)

Text reads:  
Got myself stuck in a glass cabinet and couldn't get out before the museum opened so had to sit in a corner looking out at this all day (ho hum...)

1 Apr 2010

International fake journal month!!!...

...now who (or what) will I be???...

27 Mar 2010

Can't avoid the boid!!!

Don't know what sort of birdie this is - but it's pillar-box red and with the longest beak EVER!

21 Mar 2010

feeling a bit of a goose....

...for cheating and posting a journal entry into my sketchbook - but he was so bold and handsome and CURIOUS, I couldn't resist!

4 Mar 2010

1 Mar 2010

28 Feb 2010


still fiddling with illuminated letters...

23 Feb 2010


I drew the outline with a mapping nib (Oh! Agonies!!) and then scanned it and coloured it in photoshop to try out colour schemes before properly illuminating it...

22 Feb 2010

Am I bloo-ooo? without yoo-ooo?

....tra la laah, la la laah, la la laaaaah.

2 Feb 2010

what a handsome boy!!!!

I extracted this fellow from my journal entry for today...

21 Jan 2010

kitty kitty

Well - that'll teach me to draw the date 'cartouche' thingy right in the middle before I start my sketch, won't it?!

18 Jan 2010