22 Apr 2010

Something for someone else ...

... to mark the end of my first half-century!!

My friend's daughter is turning eight on Friday and some of her  friends are stuck on the continent beacuse of the  ash from the Icelandic volcano and won't be back in time for her birthday.  So my friend is writing a tiny birthday book for her daughter all about the birthday that was affected by the eruption and the ash etc etc... I said I would do two quickie-cartoony-things for her to stick into the book - so these are going in the mail tomorrow, drawn on the same paper and size of page -  that way she can stick them into the book before she gives it to her daughter.  A bit of a rush job really, but fun... and that's what I did on my 50th birthday!  Ta Da!


  1. I bet she will hang on to this for a long time!

  2. After IceSave collapsed, Europe wanted cash;
    Instead Iceland's eruption sent them ash.
    It seems in the larger scheme of things,
    It ain't over until the volcano lady sings.
    This means a few days when families must wait
    To see what is to be their travelling fate.
    And so the world revolves and spins
    As we all wait on needles and pins....

  3. I LOVE them, Miss Jules! And happy birthday, too, nice way to spend it...

  4. Very funny, hope you had a lovely birthday.