1 May 2010



  1. It comes again, the month is May;
    Time swiftly swiftly, day by day.
    One may find new cash or friend,
    But time just passes til its end.
    This merry month is sung with glees,
    Let's spend each day with work and ease,
    To squeeze passing time all the more,
    To gather up our three score or four.

  2. Really like the cartooney feel of this one. I've heard so much about those Wacom tablets, I haven't really got the chance to try them(or the fact that I am running around with a netbook doesn't really help either as there's a minimum resolution requirement for your screen) When you know that the resolution of the tablet is better than your laptop, you know it's time to get a better laptop with bigger screen.
    =) But it's still not the time.

  3. This is very inviting, love the light whimiscal effect.