23 Feb 2013

Big red

Drawn on my nexus 7...

20 Feb 2013

19 Feb 2013

15 Feb 2013

come on, summer...

I've been cooped up in this house too long...  and I want the roses back on the frame.

11 Feb 2013

10 Feb 2013


 ...sounds like some kind of bad holiday destination!

(Honestly?  I'm just not good at these sorts of things!)
And, as I've said before about the eponymous software:
Illustrator, schmillustrator!


Hands still gone so doing some digi-re-do's...(cough)

1 Feb 2013

love in a cup

... looking back over some stuff - found this little fellow - a coquerel baby in a teacup.  Wanted to share the wonder... It's the wee fingers that got me.