8 Feb 2013

Lit from within


  1. Lit from within is what we are,
    Burning like some distant star,
    With fires and fuels not all our own,
    Each stardust along millennia thrown.
    Lit from within, as from without,
    Erupts with each most singular shout
    Of next, and more, and imagine that,
    Each creativity's agile acroboat.
    For your lighting of my within
    You must imagine my brightened grin,
    For what you've lit with colored fires
    Adds to beauty's widening gyres.

    -- An appreciative mouse

  2. Above I misspelled acrobat as boat,
    And should have thought -- no, aqua boat.
    But that would have made far less sense
    In the end and its nonny consequence.
    Mea maxima culpa, I must confess
    To having no editor to my faults address.
    But I would send you smiles galore,
    Which is what such silly rhymes are for.

    -- A nonny mouse