29 Jul 2012

well, they said you were high grass....

... that was just a lie!...

(...get it??)

27 Jul 2012

my urnings for the day

Tut, tut, Ms Dalton, you have no consistent style!...DECIDE!

25 Jul 2012

20 Jul 2012

God & Giraffes

.. from a poem by Charles Burkowski

Zoe's still an acrobat!

19 Jul 2012

Learning curve at its steepest!!!

getting to grips with Adobe illustrator this week-so lots of class exercises and not much blogging...  all a bit visually unsatisfying, so far...

16 Jul 2012

12 Jul 2012

This is one of those nonny mice...

...they get about a bit...

11 Jul 2012

Photoshop is my favourite tool

and I forgot to post yesterday - so this one is in liu...  More later.

7 Jul 2012


promised myself i'll put up an 8x8 every day...if i can.