22 Jul 2012

'keep it simple'... sigh... i've gone blank...

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  1. simply keep it?
    going blank?
    mind the leap; wit
    wit-filled crank....
    look around
    at much not seen
    and capture all
    with wit not lean.
    trees balloon
    like ice-cream cones?
    or cudgels' heft
    which crunches bones?
    eve's eden tree
    is apple blank
    as adam bites
    offstage, a prank
    to paint the egress,
    garden gone,
    that's the story
    some have drawn...
    what's to see
    when seeing not?
    a world bright wide
    as visions taught...
    out the box
    and into the world.
    out of the frame
    imagination hurled.
    simply keep it?
    going blank?
    I dont't see that
    speaking frank....

    -- A Nonny Mouse