31 Dec 2009

25 Dec 2009


...and thank heavens for 'photoshop' when your all Christmas-ed out!!!

24 Dec 2009

11 Dec 2009

3 Dec 2009

27 Nov 2009

22 Nov 2009

A little sadness...

Mum died today...

6 Nov 2009

30 Oct 2009

i love a parade...

Click on the giraffes to see the parade larger.

gee-gee whizz

29 Oct 2009

Oh, fleur heaven's sake!!!!! Somebody stop me!!!

saving face...

These were photoshopped from a tiny section of an horrible face that I painted - a truly awful piece of work that I scanned and kept so as not ever to forget the horror!!!! Who knew it would come in useful ??....

In The Mood, Ba-dah, ba-do-de-do-do...

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