10 Dec 2009

when life gives you lemons...


  1. Lemons come from the lemonade tree,
    As life's leaves bloom, yellow-ly.
    Visions dance from you to me!
    Hurray for us both then, abundantly.

  2. Ah Anony-mouse! how I look forward to your mew-sings!

  3. Dear Anonymous (I think) I guess my comment flew off in the clear
    sky-oh....I love the tonal lime greens---the gnarly dark trunk support--lots of lemon merangue pie tartlets waiting to be made and the tuba beating out the tune time---it gets a little solos to be bouncily enjoyed---Winna

  4. Mew-sings are for cats, I fear:
    Anony-mouse think cats quite queer
    And sharp in bite and claws.
    I think it best to steer right clear
    Of mew-sings and of cats too near;
    They are so feline in their flaws.
    Mousies are quite good at cheer,
    Especially at this time of year,
    And when they have good cause.
    I saw a pictured mouse, so dear;
    T'was labeled "friend," or so I hear,
    And that is worth applause.

  5. I'm puckering just looking at the colors!