31 Dec 2009



  1. Crowven rhymes with snowmen,
    As one can plainly see,
    And when seen from this perspective,
    One might stand watchfully
    To be assured that from under him or her
    Some dropping might not flee.
    At least not when the crowven
    Flies near over watchful me.

  2. The snowman will oblige thee and
    stand to take the tap
    all the while never worried
    'bout his hat

    I am such a blackbord raven rook crow person---this sketch is just wonderful--for the tonal touches add flying feelings...I'll send a photo I took this am and KNEW from what happened next---a great startling by a bird that today something would come about to do with a bird---and here is your sketch right in time to celebrate this strange happening on the last day of 2009..........winna

  3. You can see the movement. Very creative and arty. Definitely a crow. (of course I have no ravens where I live so what do I know?)