12 Dec 2009

weird science


  1. Let us discus (with just one s)
    The weirdness of Jules' science,
    Which'll toss its platelike platter-ness
    As if mere men were giants,
    Layering visions to excite:
    Blue, black, orange, beige and white,
    Symbols, angles, curves in flight;
    Even text pops into sight.
    How's it weird? And who is not?
    Why is how? And where's the what?

  2. The images compliment the song from a favorite movie of mine I remember watching mezmorized in a practically empty theater---The complimentery colors really add bsng in the joining and enlightenment...I toss my club up to you Jules for your mind trip here. It answers how is why and what is where so perfectly.....Winna