23 Dec 2010

oh dear... more berri-berri...


  1. Nice to see blossom talent afoot,
    Afleet, as blooms another Julie shoot
    In all that she has bloomed to being,
    And a London Xmas be berri, berrying....

  2. Crimpustide is passed right by,
    And someone ate the berri-pie.
    Were't Santa's claws that dared to try,
    Or was it youse, or was it I?
    Happy gnu year, with its wit.
    Snowy streets? It snowed a bit.
    Rudolph knows the red of it,
    But later comes that reindeer sh....

  3. I'm imagining a New Year's tree
    Around which tipplers dance.
    It's there I'd like to sip with glee
    And teeter as I prance.
    Drink to the New Year's revelry
    And put the past aside,
    For what is was but devilry,
    And I've dusted off my pride.
    I leapt for joy, for joy I'll leap,
    But shall not spill a drop,
    For tippling is a jolly sweep
    As I do this New Year's hop.
    Hippity, hoppity, rock and roll
    The New Year's flask to us!
    When waking from the hangover,
    We'll ask, "What was the fuss?"

  4. This is a great scetch! Very detailed!