10 Feb 2010

It'll be ok, it'll be ok.......


  1. Oh no, oh no, poor Jules. Well, at least you'll have these wonderful drawings to remind you .... and, they're calorie free! lol nancy

  2. Those chocolate trees grow
    Many fruits on their limbs,
    And aficionados know
    The stuff widens, not trims.
    But what is the harm
    In the race one calls life,
    For dear chocolate hath charm
    For goodman and goodwife.

  3. Stock up, hurry quick! Fun post!

  4. A chocolate shop closing is very bad news indeed!! So sorry for your loss!

  5. Love your sketch blog-and wonderful banner, but you have my condolences over the closing of a local chocolate shop maybe if they served coffee and had an art gallery they might have survived?

    suzanne in CT

  6. I know your pain. I have never heard of a chocolate Shop Closing. One of my favorite Art Stores Closed down. I knew they have become a chain over the years - Had no idea so many huge stores were under their umbrella. Well, living in Boston, I just never thought it would happen. I and the Store went back to the 70's when I first went to school. The teacher threw the The Pearl Paint Catalogue at me. I had no idea what Arches, or Fabriano art Papers were, much less that there was something such as Specific WaterColor paper.
    I hope there is another Choco Shop nearby.

    Real Bummer

  7. At least you'll have the memory of your wonderful drawings! Go down there a stock up!

  8. at least it was quick
    overnight, no less

    soon your tears will dry up
    and your figure impress

    Singing Trim,slim. neat and thin...
    that's what you'll be..soon again


  9. What a delightful page, the drawing and the comments!

  10. Oh Lord, say it isn't so -- chocolate is Medicinal!!!

  11. It's always sad to see the closing of an independent shop. It's the passing of an era in our lives, and of the memories made there. Hope the owners will have a wonderful new world opened up to them.

  12. Oh, I agree, how awful! I hope you got there in time!