4 Jan 2013

What d'you mean "you've been a bit irritable lately" ?!?

...probably all the bloody beetroot....

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  1. Lately: a relatively adverbial thing
    And relative to other words' allure.
    Whatever lately may be acknowledging,
    One can never be quite cocksure.

    But then again it's calm I am
    When not raging like the storm;
    I wonder what a cardiogram
    Would show when I'm in form?

    Calm and collected and caried away
    On the winds and the wings of a bird,
    All bluely blue to adverbially say
    I feel ragingly well altered.

    Growl and grumble, grouse and groan,
    These might adverbially sing.
    Growlingly, grumblingly grousing
    Has quite lately seemed my thing.

    So some have said. So some might say.
    Maybe just pills can pop me away
    To calmly, cooly adverbial day
    Where my give a damn fades duly today.

    -- a Hee Man