11 Jan 2013


Don 't be tempted to use cheap quality supplies to make your artwork or journal pages. Cheap pigments will ALWAYS disappoint you in the long run as far as lightfastness is concerned.    They will frustrate you and rob you of the excitement of using something that feels rich and full of potential.  Use the very best you can afford, even if it means a palette of only two or  three colours.  And don't sit on all those 'saving for best' pencils, brushes, paints and papers.  Use them NOW!  Fall in love with your work - treat it to your best things.

( I am feeling the rue of buying a set of 'student' quality watercolours to augment my Winsor & Newton Artists quality pans.  They are passable 'Cotman' colours - also by Winsor and Newton, but to me, the difference is lightyears of separation in terms of coverage and quality)

Here endeth the rant...er... LESSON.

(we all want to be lightfast!)

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