18 Jan 2013

where do robins go in the snow?


  1. I'll see you minus two
    and subtract our two more,
    While imagining the robins
    At some sunny seashore.
    Wherever they winter,
    When spring breaks forth
    It's sure they'll be winging
    Their way back up north.

    -- The icy mouse

  2. As a next cold morning stirs,
    Minus seven now occurs,
    Giving us mice an urge
    To chatter in our "Brrs."

    Darn those swans a-swimming
    In the river's chill.
    How is it that birds do that?
    It is some special skill!

    Mousies all must hunker down
    With fur to keep us warm,
    Though there are those who say
    Such style's not proper form.

    Goose fat's for more than drippings,
    And pillows feather fluff.
    Perhaps those soaring birdies
    Are as smart as they are tough?