23 Dec 2008

Christmas Eve and my 24th Day!

This is the final day of my 24-day doodle project ! Thought you might enjoy a bit of seasonal wildlife along with a very simple doodle this morning...

Thanks to all who have emailed and commented and sent their thoughts along to me. It's been fun. Hopefully I have broken the back of my 'dry-spell' and will keep up the daily sketch habit - I shall certainly continue to post my 'artistic' offerings here - although I promise not to load the pages with videos as Iknow this makes the pages slow to load for those on dial-up. I will, though, post the occasional link to ' You-Tube' if I find I simply can't keep my myself to myself and lose the battle with the urge to use the webcam!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Jules ! I have really enjoyed your videos (I have high speed so no worries about loading for me !) and laughing along with you. Your humour is really infectious !

    I also think you are a highly talented pattern maker/artist ! I do so get wishing we could be like those artists we "admire" so but I also think it is worth celebrating the fact that you have found a way to make what you do, those beautiful "doodles", pieces of art in and of themselves ! A great lesson to have learned !!!

    I hope you, your husband and the kitties have a sweet, doodliscious holiday !

  2. When did the comments get added? Argh, I have been watching all of the videos and am sad to see that your 24 days are over. I even wrote a blog post about it. You are wonderfully funny and a breath of fresh air.
    Keep posting your doodles and patterns and videos!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    PS: To see the post I wrote about you go here:

  3. Love the reindeer (elk? moose?) on the roof.
    I missed your videos (and in these days of viruses, don't always watch them anyway (but take no offense). Happy doodling/sketching from an intermittent EDM person.

  4. Oh I hate to see this series come to an end! I've enjoyed your little videos (I can count on a grin each day from them) and your doodles are awesome! You are certainly gifted in the doodling genre!

    Can't wait to hear what's in store for 2009!