15 Jul 2009


Oooh - horrible pun, sorry!!!

Here's a patchwork pattern that started off as some coloured bits of tissue layered and laminated onto some clear plastic with pva glue. When it all dried, I peeled the tissue away from the plastic , scanned in the resulting 'paper' and manipulated the pattern in photoshop. All in all I'm quite pleased with it - although what it's use might be other than something pleasing to have done, I'm not quite sure. Gave me a lot of satisfaction to do though - and, as I'm having one of those 'blank page' moments myself, something like this is good to keep the creative juices flowing...


  1. Kaleidescopes (spelling?) have always been a favorite of mine, for their light, color and potential - that clicking over to a new pattern. The transitory which both delights and breaks your heart because you can't hold onto a pleasing pattern for long. Ah well, maybe too philosophical, but this piece delights me.

  2. Love the colors in the second one, it looks great. You've got fun ideas!