2 Sep 2012

How are we to live?

..Ethics in age of self interest...Peter Singer....

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  1. How are we to live?
    Each answers for the self.
    Philosophers pen books
    To line the booky shelf.

    How are we to live?
    Philosophers sell thoughts,
    And often they tell others
    All their favorite "oughts."

    How are we to live?
    Hearts lead right to love,
    But thoughts lead yet others
    To push and then to shove.

    How are we to live?
    Who sings philosophy
    When people are all different
    Per each different biography?

    Love says, in poem and song
    Across millennia,
    Not all agree ere long
    And some refute the many a...

    "How are we to love?"
    "We" is a plural, see?
    But I prefer to answer
    For only little me.

    And so repeats the question:
    How are we to live?
    Re: Pete and his suggestion:
    I've others substantive.

    Animal rights? For laywers.
    Assigning blame? I'll pass.
    Ethics comes in versions,
    And some are sounding brass.

    Choose one meta-ethics?
    A cagey argument,
    Which comes to crush another's,
    Not to complement.

    Jewels trumps Peter's tomes
    For hearts and hearts link hearts,
    And art speaks oh so simply
    And trumps Pete's wordy smarts.

    Here's the little humor
    In Peter's self interest game:
    He has his own self interest
    In peddling his ethics claim.

    Random, Oxford, Prentice-Hall,
    Cambridge, Scribner's, Crown,
    All collect his royalties
    In every shop and town.

    Meta-ethics prints and speaks
    For speaking fees, a bit,
    And traveling round the world
    Singer gathers much, to whit...

    I wager he is living high
    Above the abject poor,
    For Princeton is quite la-dida;
    No slum is it, for sure.

    Copyrights and travel costs,
    Book sellers and their tills,
    All operate to peddle blame
    While tasting of fine frills.

    If Pete were saint, not sinner,
    He'd live poor like a monk;
    But he prefers the circuit
    To fill his fiscal trunk.

    Philosophy has philosophers
    O'er centuries long past.
    This one well will count his coin,
    As long as the game will last.

    Violate his copyrights?
    Meta-test his open heart?
    I wager all his lawyers
    Will sue each counterpart.

    Jewels trumps Peter's postures
    For heart's bright hearts touch hearts,
    And art speaks oh so simply
    And trumps Pete's wordy smarts.

    -- the anonymous singer, singing "no, re: pete"