2 Dec 2012

An old favourite...

OK, so here's the thing.  This year I have been less than reliable with the posting-of-things-to-the-blog and the joining-in-with-the-arts-community-online type stuff.  This being due to a plethora of reasons, most of which are just too-ooooo self pitying to even begin to be given space on the page.  So, come the new year and crappy uncooperative M.S. hands notwithstanding, it  is my aim to begin again with the dailys, both here and on my flickr pages (links will be provided, I promise).  For the next month, though, it will be unreliable business as usual. So there! :0) 

1 comment:

  1. Someone cares;
    Someone wears
    Smiles upon his face.
    Have their claws,
    But smiles might keep apace.
    Someone notes
    Rare and commonplace,
    So here, so there,
    From every where,
    So happy to embrace.

    -- Colon, Oh, Close Parenthesis