2 Nov 2013

I can still make my hands do it...

...but my skills are waning...


  1. What a lovely blog! I like your paintings

  2. I LOVE your work! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

  3. Your hands can still do it,
    but your skills wane, you say?
    If we must --and we must -- disagree,
    I see you in quite another way.

    We draw our breath when we draw a line
    As I draw conclusions' here,
    Through lines and colors and shades' degree
    And words to bring small cheer.

    Another day is passing,
    As passes day by day,
    And in the all and in-between
    We soar. We're underway.

    To where? And when? One ponders
    When thinking thoughts as these,
    I trust you forgive my other view:
    I'll see you through adversities.

    One day at a time aches by,
    Each different, each the same,
    But comes one little smile, a sketch,
    A tune, a laugh, a game.

    The world is bright and brighter
    To see your inner flame
    Even when it might flicker.
    This is my counterclaim.

    Your hands can still do it,
    but your skills wane, says you?
    Though we must --when we must -- disagree,
    I'll cheer till time bids us both adieu.

    A nonny mouse.