28 Apr 2014

oh pooh!


  1. Trapped the wrong cat?
    What'ya think of that?
    If only they could all be caught,
    Says Mousie, as he ought.

    Caged a feline raged?
    How can it be assuaged?
    If all the cats were all behind bars,
    Pens Mousie's memoirs.

    Tom's a terror cat?
    Well now, smell a rat?
    All the Toms should be put out,
    Thinks Mousie, with a pout.

    --- A nonny Mouse

  2. Tommy Cat O'Pooh
    Had a cattish brogue, it's true.
    I rish I could of herd him purr
    When he tufted that tabby's fur.

    A rogue was Cat O'Pooh,
    Who'd raise a hullabaloo
    For this, for that, for much and more,
    And who'd do it door-to-door.

    Tommy let old Floyd get caught,
    'Cause of jokes Floyd was the butt.
    Tommy Cat held the door,
    And slammed it shut, what is more.

    Tommy Cat O'Pooh
    Encouraged Floyd into
    A cage prepared not for him,
    But alas Floyd was so dim.

    The lesson in this tale
    Is of felines, bold and male,
    Who'd trip a trap for a brother cat.
    So, never trust a pissy cat!

    -- a nonny Mouse

  3. Me? Ow!
    You? Wow?
    I've now
    Said ciao!

  4. Limmerick

    It's a shitty thing, you see,
    To enrage a cat to pee.
    When it's pissed off,
    One must not scoff,
    Or its cage o'erflows. Oui! Oui!

    --- a la jouer au chat et à la souris

  5. Urine solved my writer's block.
    You're involved; don't you squawk.
    Scatological? Catological?
    Evacuational laughingstock!