8 Oct 2012

By the wardrobe...

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  1. Two and fro

    By the wardrobe stands a can
    That could hold none other than
    A box within the can, I'd wager,
    Explaining "What's in the box?"
    As yet another question knocks:
    Is it sung in minor or perhaps in major?

    Leering out a long rectangle
    "Two eyes" -- ah -- knows the angle.
    I ask: But in those drawers is what?
    What drawers, you ask? I answer.
    The referent's advancer.
    Wardrobe drawers are boxes shut.

    One opens all with questions;
    One shuts all with suggestions:
    Alternatives go forth, then back.
    Can a box be in a can?
    Is a rectangled box more than
    A frame to boundary a cul-de-sac?

    One wonders, knowing not,
    Because in art that's what we've got.
    Questions point to questions' queries.
    One goes here and one goes there,
    And one might go quite anywhere.
    Or so is this my simple theory.

    By some wardrobe stands some can
    That could hold none other than
    Some box within the can, I'd gamble,
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
    And so nothing well explained:
    Such questions for us all to unscramble!

    -- That nonny mouse