27 Oct 2012


but still here...

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  1. Quatrains for Jules

    Life goes by and by and by
    And always what is near too nigh
    Is ever and a time like this,
    Its hour, drawn out from time's fleet kiss.

    What were we are we will we be
    Answers not in its fading, free
    From what is once as never was
    But always is as time's ticking does.

    Time goes by and by and by
    And ever when we sore to fly --
    To soar on wings of gossamer
    That in these times do rise and stir...

    To their end that they may spread
    And carry us through the road ahead.
    Who knew knows or can foresee?
    Perhaps someone, but not me.

    I prefer a knowing not,
    A point to where I go, a spot
    Where knowing will then come to be
    As willingly I leave off me...

    To that the greater immensity
    When life goes between me and thee.
    Life goes by and by and by,
    Yet never answers when asked why.