13 Apr 2013

Always a surprise....


  1. Today we ponder Cheshire Catty.
    Whiskers plenty, downright batty.
    Always a surprise drawn chitter chatty.
    Me? Ow! Oh, now ain't it natty,
    For so ponders Anono Ratty.

    -- aka, a nonny mouse

  2. Sir Prize trots out a mighty mane
    Much lion-like and more-the-same
    To make us grin and make us bear
    In cat-like grin with ursine flair.
    Whisker this too whiskered that,
    Far tuftier than a crew cut flat.
    Sir Prize eyes something above
    Which might be standing purring love,
    With just a soupçon, just a flair,
    Of feline festooned leonine hair.
    Hear! Hear! I cry, and hardy har!
    Sir Whiskers Prize is exemplar.

    -- A nonny mouse