21 Apr 2013


How did that happen??!

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  1. From the vantage point of older,
    Such a number seems quite young.
    It's all a matter of viewpoint,
    Not myths to which we've clung.

    Old is one mighty fine word,
    When the alternative is plain.
    Dealing with those aches and pains
    Can mean circling a circled drain.

    But circling seems much finer
    Than gone, gone, gone, long gone,
    And for this I'll squeal cheery:
    Old 's lovely in my living lexicon.

    Lift a glass or some such cheer
    To numbers rising high,
    For mousies as for catsies
    Not gone to their by and by.

    Age is that fine alternative
    To never aging ere again,
    And for this let's live yet longer,
    And irritate the waiting reaper men.

    From the vantage point of older,
    Such a number seems darn small.
    Oh what I'd give for that number
    While taking comfort in some alcohol.

    Notice I write, some alcohol,
    And not formaldehyde,
    For the potable is a cheery quaff
    To fete one from inside.

    Old is one mighty brave word,
    Which allows us chat and rage,
    Rather than adopt a permanence
    Which is nevermore to age.

    Birthdays anniversary
    As ticking clocks tick tock,
    While calendars' pages curl
    And living takes its stock.

    Hurray and yippee! squeals the pig,
    And little mousies too,
    For another year has circled past
    And sends silly hugs to you!

    -- a nonny mouse