5 Apr 2015

yeah.... chocolate eggs.


  1. I've fried and fried to get it fright,
    yet funny-side up is frong.
    I saw tae o'fraid, tae be up tight
    While over easy turns oblong.

    Oh, I'm let with omelet egging on
    To whip all into shape,
    Unless it cascade all whipsawn,
    Dali-like, sigh real, to drape.

    I'll fry and fry and fry agin
    To stir and shirr and boil,
    When chocolate troubles well begin
    Unwrap from right bright foil.

    Urge you, egg, turned jolly brown
    To crack some spittle's smile?
    'Tis a far fried better thing; no frown
    Should whip across yon distant isle.

    -- a nonny mouse

  2. мне нравится, класно