28 Mar 2015



  1. "Pouty" is missing its "l" and its "r"
    As in "poultry" of the chocolatest kind.
    What pouty poultry lay chocolate eggs?
    Laid lewd out of which fowl behind?

    Chocolate eggs me on to inquire
    Of what oestrus does this ripe remind?
    Chocolate eggs from chocolate hens?
    Oh no! It's brown bunnies galore we find.

    Chocolate bunnies drop chocolate eggs
    As is it in marketing so well refined!
    Happy Ease, to one as to all,
    Who'd buy and consume as assigned.

    Such is the nature of chocolate eggs
    As we crack pouty moods, just to find
    Chocolate eggs in baskets of lore
    With chocolate bunnies entwined
    Meaning theologically little to none,
    As best this mere mouse has defined.

    Pouty the man who misses his eggs
    Which are poultry-and-chocolate entwined,
    For one must mark all the seasons with sweets
    Which is the truth of all humankind.

    Crack me an egg, all of chocolate and foiled,
    For us the culturally idle remind,
    Must be gathered from some market, all sugary sweet,
    Choco-laid eggs must be bought, men remind!

    "Pouty" is missing its "l" and its "r"
    As in "poultry" of the chocolate kind.
    What pouty poultry lay chocolate eggs?
    Those laid out of some rabbit's behind?

    -- a nonny mouse

  2. If there are chocolate eggs,
    Chocolate bacon must be found
    By hacking chocolate piggies
    Round the barnyard ground.

    Egg on some chocolate?
    Would it get chocolate mad?
    Chocolate egg on one's face
    Might not be so darn bad.

    If there are chocolate eggs,
    Are there chocolate sperm?
    Chocolates reproducing
    Might make folks squirm.

    Chinese chocolate egg rolls
    Must be dipped in what?
    Chocolate egg fu yung?
    Why not Easter coconut?

    --a nonny mouse