13 Mar 2015

Red Nose Day.


  1. What's this? A clown-nosed feline?
    Someone photo-shopped a nose.
    Who would have done this paste job
    Round and red as a red rose?

    All of the other kitties
    Might get make-up, I suppose?
    Something less Bailey or Barnum.
    Rouge or in a risqué pose?

    Through an elder's foggy gaze,
    I rhyme here as I ask:
    "What's this? A clown-nosed feline?
    What comes then? A Guy Fawkes mask?

    Ah, but their Mummy loves them,
    As felines are her stock-in-trade;
    Kitty, you clown-nosed feline,
    For a more doting Mum you couldn't trade!

    To the tune of "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

    -- a nonny mouse

  2. Dad says we have to wait 'til one of us dies before we can rescue a greyhound ! (Mum's secret passion) - (bet you didn't know that....)