12 Mar 2015

RIP Sir Terry,

You and your world were an inspiration.
Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you”
Terry PratchettSmall Gods

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  1. Biodegradable I find myself.
    Existentially so, I add,
    For as dread time ticks woefully by
    It's too easy to think time a cad.
    But without having been within dread time,
    Of us I could not speak,
    And all those memories piled so deep
    Would never have played hide-and-seek.

    'Time is a drug, and it kills you'
    Is a humor filled sort of view,
    But in time a lifetime just passes on
    As for him, as for me, as for you.
    Time spins the disk, some think Überall,
    Tocking each tick in a world.
    We littlest puffs and frailest wisps
    By time's tick are buffeted, hurled...

    Into what comes as has come before,
    And still what yet comes to be.
    I will because I can and must
    Just wait. Just wait and see.
    Time reads the pages, then turns them o'er
    To read the next, then the next.
    Where is he now, and where are we?
    We are subjects that flow through the text.

    -- a nonny mouse