21 Jan 2009

Busy thinking about biology...

I am working on a project that is keeping me away from sketching and blogging 'prper stuff' at the moment...the best I can do is to put up one of my working sketches as today's post... erk!


  1. The colors are hypnotic as is the design---A+

  2. What's wrong with biology? Lots of room to draw there ;) Like the sketches- they look interesting- like tree rings or amoebas... :D Love to hear what they really are *grin*

  3. This is beautiful.
    I guess we will all see different things.
    For me they're reminiscent of oyster shells.

    Like Spinneretta, I can't wait to see the finished work.

  4. YES! I so agree with bubble munch...these are gorgeous shell designs!!! I love all your cheerful patterns and free form doodles...very joyful! :)

    And to answer your question...the Art alwayscomes first...then I search fo the quote! Thanks for asking :)