15 Jan 2009


A first attempt using pen, ink, coloured felt pens/fine-liners and a wet paint brush! (mmm...my favourite!) Oh...and a little bit of photoshop...


  1. Absolutely wonderful---how a book would be enhanced with such work is an understatement...

  2. Awesome as usual! Have you check out artwanted.com? You could set up your own site and sell your designs on everything form cards to button and a zillion other things. Here's my portfolio. http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=46158

    I didn't choose to do anything but prints and cards, and sell them myself, but your stuff could go on everything!

  3. Hi Jules, just visited your blog for the first time as a result of your post via the EDM email and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed scrolling through the first page. You say in your most recent You Tube that you think you are a "pattern maker," the term "kalaidoscopist" came to my mind. Your doodles give a feeling of lightess and frolicy goodness. I think they must be like snowflakes with no two being the same. I also wanted to see if I could leave a comment and so far, all seems to be working. Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful :) Now- are you going to put it on a page and use it? add it to some paper and make stationary? :)