2 Jan 2009

A little remembrance...

I miss my lovely, polydactyl tabby...


  1. Such a sad sketch. Sorry to hear about Vin; he must have been a great cat.
    My own Bearcat (a blue tabby Maine Coon) has an incurable virus -- I treasure each day we have with him.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss- it can be so hard to get over a well loved pet.
    I like the picture though.

  3. We do love those furry family members so, don't we ? Losing them is so hard. I still get "visits" from my best cat ever, a huge 20 pound black panther of a cat named George. He's been gone three years now but I swear I see him out of the corner of my eye now and again, rubbing his hip along a bookcase or something, tail twitching up straight...I kind of love those "visits"...
    Take care and hold your fur balls close today ;-).

  4. My sympathies for your loss -- you know, my dog, Ness, was murdered last July. I have only just recently been able to look at his picture without crying. Its hard when you lose a friend, whatever the species. A nice way of remembering Vin.