10 Jan 2010

e-girl...just like me...


  1. e-girl eagle
    feather your nest
    with color and form
    the eye is blessed;
    e-girl see, girl,
    the work lives best
    that flies away home
    in its finery dressed

  2. "Winna's Dinner"

    Bagels and Eagles both taste fine
    with butter and jam
    and a glass of wine

    for dessert let's have
    wing of Great Tit
    lightly dusted
    with cream, just a bit

    loving the birds Jules !


  3. I didn't see a lot of bald eagles when I grew up; they weren't in my part of the country. But, when I moved to Idaho I saw them frequently, up close. I saw one once sitting in a tree with a fish it had just caught, maybe 15 ft above my head. They are truly majestic birds! I think this is fantastic!

  4. I especially love the look in the eagle's eye. This is very good.