16 Jan 2010

everyone wants to be beautiful...

...even me...


  1. i've never thought lots about beauty and such;
    some "beautiful people" don't move me that much.
    why? i'm not so sure, but -- ah -- inasmuch
    as that's the case with my Joe Out-of-Touch,
    i just think beauty is beauty, even seen with a crutch . . .
    answer: beautiful is ju-tiful!

  2. Beauty is the light that shines from within. Some supposedly beautiful people have it but many do not and some of the most homely have it too. When you see someone alive with life and happy, you don't need the skin deep kind of beauty.

  3. Your beauty is outside
    and inside, it is too...

    I see you are wearing some really cool shoes!

    from winna, who's got three projects to finish
    for various places that dunna serve Guiness.

  4. Personally, I've always been rather fond of Granny Weatherwax, and think she's hot....