10 Jan 2015

Can you SPOT them?

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  1. Six constellations, founded on what is sunny,
    each spinning off earth and sky and sea;
    Two bluest seas reflect both suns' faces
    bringing wee ones back to earthly graces.
    Rotate by various varying degrees,
    for such are a cosmos' logic trees.
    Pointing back from whence they came,
    inviting one to take up their game.
    Two lean left from their bottoms' right,
    while four hang from some higher height.
    If this be wrong, as wrung am I,
    Then rings this bell, to toll a cry.
    Invert that numbered nine to six,
    as conundrums play in pig-meant tricks.
    Three dots lead right to tomorrow's gift,
    for tomorrow is fleet, yes, all too swift.
    Cryptic tricks with cryptic dots
    like gambols, antics, Gordian knots,
    With an allegory of Plato's shadowed cave
    suggests we ride life's cresting wave.
    Dots okay by me, I think,
    I says to youse, with a little wink.

    A nonny mouse ---