6 Jan 2015

Oh misery! 12th night...time to nix the decs... (what??)

Moan moan moan ...

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  1. A full moan is arisen at night,
    Which gives bright rise to sketched affright.....
    Clipped and cut and styled and moussed,
    Sketched to view, what's then deduced?
    Tongue in cheek, earrings' six,
    Day brings a carol as parody tricks:

    Nix the decs, make moans of misery.
    Fa la lalala lala I drone.
    Quash with vexing, groans rescissory.
    Fa la lalala lala bemoan.
    Bah the humbug, hair in peril.
    Fa la lalala no monotone.
    Trolls the mouse this moan-ful carol.
    Fa la lalala lala let's groan!

    A nonny mouse ---