1 Jan 2015

Yeah, yeah... peace love & joy... whatever...

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  1. The leaf has fallen;
    The page is turned.
    Our years are numbered,
    Lived, adjourned.

    This day? It passes.
    The months go by.
    The clock ticks off
    For time must fly.

    Seasons come
    That seasons go.
    Change is the single
    Seen tableau.

    Leaves must fall,
    And moods will churn.
    We might rage
    Or be taciturn.

    Why not choose
    That in-between
    Which laughs or cries
    At what might have been?

    Ticks the clock
    Its ticking tocks.
    Life is a mystery
    That stands and knocks.

    Ages come and
    Ages go.
    As I grow older,
    The less I know.

    Happy new year,
    All the same;
    Let's play further
    In life's game.

    A nonny mouse....