7 Jan 2015

Pens and pencils at dawn, everyone .

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  1. Seven little pencils

    Look! Seven little pencils
    Honed quite sharp to clever points
    Are become dreaded weapons
    Hate radically appoints.

    Think! Seven little insults
    Do radicals so cut and maim;
    Idiot apologists
    Too easily freedom blame.

    Seven well honed pencil tips
    Capture sense and so much more;
    This explains radical rage
    And what a free press is for.

    Seven little syllables
    Must give the pictures voice:
    Plainly sketched, yes, plainly said,
    Submission is never choice.

    Stand with Charlie and his dead;
    Islam's siege has never ceased.
    Hating Jews, editors' views,
    It's plain hatred it's released.

    Seven more will rise and point
    Toward those who would freedom crush;
    'J'accuse' the vile villains
    Who fear pencils, paint and brush.

    "Je suis Charlie" is the cry.
    Freedom stands, declaring yet
    In the march of numbered days
    Freedom lives; never forget.

    Submission, I would submit,
    Is slavery, through and through.
    To submit I'll not submit;
    With submission I am through.

    A nonny mouse ---